A Love Called Hatred

True life story of the complicated and misunderstandings caused by love mistaken for hatred 

Alex stood up infuriated. He took a step towards her. “I know what I said little miss know-it-all, you don’t have to remind me.”

Kim gulped but still maintained eye contact with him. He scoffed at her audacity. He took another step towards her. “How much do you need this job?”

Kim blinked confused. “What?”

A love called hatred is a true life story of the complicated and misunderstandng caused by love mistaken for hatred .

A Love Called Hatred




Alex banged the car door angrily, he turned on the ignition and put on the air-conditioner, letting the cold air blast his face. His production crew was getting on his nerves, he couldn’t even recall the number of times he had to shout ‘cut’ in producing just a scene. He made a huge mistake in letting the producer be in charge of the cast. If it wasn’t for the annual fund raising party his parents hosted, he wouldn’t even be in this mess.

He took in a deep breath, trying to calm his temper. He was done with work for the day. 
He didn’t have the energy to scream at the nuisance caused by the crew members, besides it was already getting late. Like the crew members were his only problem. He wondered where on earth Francis had picked such a bunch of amateurs who posed as actors, 
When he specifically asked for top-notch actors for the film. Now everyone was going to see him as a joke. His career was on the line and all he thought about was how to redeem it. The more he thought about the film, the more upset he got. Good thing the party was today. He will surely return to the set fully prepared with no distractions or whatsoever, he just had to make sure he was done with the stupid party once and for all.
Stepping on the accelerator, he drove out of the car park towards his apartment.
With the speed of light, he dashed towards the elevator.
“Shit”, he cursed, realizing he was already getting late. He quickly discarded his suit on the couch. Undoing his shirt buttons, he hurried to his room. Finally done with the buttons, he flung the shirt on the bed. He quickly took off his trouser and dashed into his ensuite. He was enjoying the cold shower but had to cut it short because of the party. Wasting no time, he quickly put on a black shirt, with plain black trousers and perfect matching shoes. He left the first two buttons undone, showing off the outline of his perfectly toned chest. Grabbing a blue-colored blazer, he threw it on his shoulder and left the apartment. He couldn’t afford to be late, if not for anything, he wasn’t ready for his mother’s temper. Her OCD made her love for perfection annoyingly canal. It was one trait he knew he took after his mother. But sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder if she had it bad. Her temper and tantrums were things he couldn’t just contend with. Yet another trait she willingly transferred to him.



A love called hatred is a true life love inspired story, it is a story of love mistaken  for hatred 






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