About The Author

Adepoju. Olaoluwa Itunu

  Hello, I am  Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu, CEO of OLAEDUCONSULT (an educational consultancy company), CEO of FITNESS EMPEROR, a model, to be Computer Science Engineer turned Bestselling Author of 5 books– “The endless relation of love”, “A love called hatred”, “Without an iota of hatred”, “Could this be love? A free steamy romance (the beginning)”, and “Could this be love? A free steamy romance 2”

I have also published a short story “My Lovely sister” recently. Despite writing not being my first choice, it has provided me solace and much needed emotional vent in this lonely chaotic world. “Books are a person’s best friend”–this quote fits perfectly to my life. Writing makes me feel alive, it makes me feel as if I can be myself for once. It provides room for my pure emotions straight from the heart.
 Moreover, it has helped me observe and analyse worlds of different people. And one of my aim as an Author is to subtly offer people a glimpse into their own lives and help make their life’s story from good to great.
 I feel everyone has a story. As a young prince, I feel I have seen much more than I should have or I would have wanted. With writing, I want to share my experience and learnings with the world and help them become a better version of themselves. All in all, being an Author means I can put on different hats, that of a writer, educationist, motivational expert, story expert and a changemaker.
 Continuing in this writing journey, some of the works which are going to be released soon for you all are “Desire play”, “High school days”, “Unquestionable love”.  Stay tuned. I hope I would be able to reach more people and bring the world of love in their lives through my writings