Could This Be Love

COULD THIS BE LOVE  BY ADEPOJU OLAOLUWA ITUNU Monday morning is always a busy morning for everyone who works in an office. Especially for the customer service division at AD (Adepoju olaoluwa) Group of companies engaged in exports and imports and so many other businesses. Some are busy answering the phone while some are busy dealing …

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A Love Called Hatred

A LOVE CALLED HATRED  BY  ADEPOJU OLAOLUWA ITUNU Alex banged the car door angrily, he turned on the ignition and put on the air-conditioner, letting the cold air blast his face. His production crew was getting on his nerves, he couldn’t even recall the number of times he had to shout ‘cut’ in producing just a scene. He made a huge mistake in letting the producer be in charge of the cast. If it wasn’t for the annual fund raising party his …

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