The endless relation of love is a true-life story inspired by the real feeling and emotions created by love it was created and also on hurts and damages caused by love thereby causing a big emotional hurt in someone’s heart 


COULD THIS BE LOVE? is a true life love story of Alex and precious, a true-life story which explains the fantasy of love

A Love Called Hatred


A love called hatred is a true life story of the complicated and misunderstandings caused by love mistaken for hatred .


This is all about love, the true meaning of love, how strong it is and magnificent it is.


This is a short true life  short story of Alex and  Janet

Could This Be Love 2


We all have someone we admire, someone who shines gloriously and blindly, someone who excites us just by his/her  presence, Someone who is the central of our gravity 



A true-life story of the author struggling family life treated like policies, love treated like jealousy 

Mad over you by adepoju olaoluwa itunu

Mad over you (perfect love ) is a short story written to express my feelings at the time of my worries 

Happy reading.


Alex belonged to the upper-class families of Boston and was the son of famous Bureaucrat David Freud and renowned designer, Sara Wilson. He was very generous natured and always used to celebrate his success with the underprivileged as well. 



As silent as an ocean

As bright as the moon, 

  As elegant as her smile,
As beautiful as a blazing sunset.

This is the poetry the main novel is said to be released 2021

lost happiness by adepoju olaoluwa

A short biography novel

World of love