Could This Be Love 2

This is a true life love story seat back and enjoy the novel

COULD THIS BE LOVE 2, The continuation of could this be love first edition, where the love story between Alex and precious started from, this is the final edition, what do you think will happen to precious, do you think the secret behind her pregnancy will never be revealed?

this is a true life love story seat back and enjoy the novel

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When the night was late and the moon was at its peak. And when someone else was fast asleep, Dennis stood behind the table while making drinks for people who came to the club where he worked.

Standing behind a desk and accepting orders, Dennis tried to keep himself busy so he wouldn’t remember the pain. Although the music echoes to the entire building but he couldn’t hear when the memory of his broken heart is present in his mind. Only by keeping busy did Dennis stop Liza’s shadow from approaching him.

Dennis kept busy listening to the customers’ complaints. Until a beautiful woman sat in front of him. The girl was wearing a red dress that made her look very sexy and provoked the eyes of men to look at her. Not only with a pretty face, but her body is so perfect that it provokes others to who attracted by her charm.


The girl ignored everyone who approached her as if she didn’t care at all. But the girl sat quietly while looking at Dennis with a look that seemed to say that she wanted Dennis to trouble her.

” What do you want to order?” asked Dennis

“Anything that is good …” said the girl, staring at Dennis with a teasing look

Dennis nodded his head while giving his friendly smile. He opened the Wine bottle and put it into an elegant glass cup and handed it to the girl.

” Wine for a charming lady.” Said Dennis, smiling.

The girl smiled and then she raised her glass and shook the glass slowly and then drank the wine in a very elegant and classy way. After taking a sip of her wine, the girl put down her glass and looked at Dennis with a seductive look.

“You are very charismatic, may I know what your name is?” asked the girl

” Why not?” said Dennis, then stretched out his hand and they shook hands

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